Compilation of few codes written by me.

Self-written codes:

  1. Joint Classification and Clustering for MIL: This is a code written in matlab for BMVC 2015 paper titled 'Joint Clustering and Classification for Multiple Instance Learning'. Pl. refer to project page and scroll down to download.

  2. Latent Dirichlet Allocation: This is a code written in Matlab to learn an LDA model on a text corpus (BoW format) and employs variational approximation (VA) method for learning. I wrote this code in Matlab to allow anyone to understand LDA easily and quickly run a text corpus through LDA, when I was unable to find an implementation adhering to these requirements. Based on Blei's 03 JMLR paper on LDA. Also includes a quick-way to visualize top-words learned for each topic, demo-scripts and datasets, and source-code comments. Link